Every day we are bombarded with thousands of ads. And most of them mean nothing to us. So much of what we see is just noise.

inControl® Ads is shifting the power of advertising to you, the consumer. We are creating a world where you decide exactly what ads you want to see across all of your screens.

You won't see more ads. Just the ads that are most relevant to you.

Play our adMatcher and see how it works. It's Fun. It's Quick. It's Easy.

Take Control Today!

Everyone loves content. The websites, the articles, TV shows, the games. All of it. But the majority of the content we crave is supported by advertising that we don't have any control over. What we need is a simple way to make those messages more relevant to us.


We didn't need extensive research to understand the frustration consumers experience with ubiquitous digital advertising, but a 2013 Bad Ads Survey validated what we knew to be true. Here are just a couple of highlights:

  • 83% of Americans say BAD ADS get in the way of the way they live their lives every day - noting that they interfere with web surfing, shopping, working, even sleeping and sex.

  • 43% of consumers start to ignore a brand after just 2 irrelevant - BAD ADS

  • Some consumers respond angrily, and will even hit their computer, yell at their TV or hit their mobile phone in frustration.

The inControl adMatcher


Start today by playing the adMatcher and tell us what's important to you. We will protect your choices and information as if it were our own, and as we are building a new future, appreciate your patience while we are building our network of partners. After you've played, you can see it in action on our sample sites. But our vision is to improve your life as you view video, surf the web, user your mobile phone, shop and socialize. We are signing up partners to make your web, mobile and TV experiences better.

That's all it takes for you to be inControl of the ads you see across all of your screens every day.

Join The Movement.

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